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Every market cross‑collateralized.

Trade spot margined and perpetual futures markets, permissionless and all on-chain.

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Don't sell, utilize.

Earn interest on deposits and take out fully collateralized loans against existing assets. The mango protocol's risk engine allows you to withdraw borrowed capital when you need.

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Even better together.

Mango wants to merge the liquidity and usability of CeFi with the permissionless innovation of DeFi. All our work is open source for anyone to use and contribute.

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Open by default

All pieces of the mango protocol puzzle are completely open source. Run it, mod it, improve it, we are a community driven organization.

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Liquidator Program

Liquidators protect the capital of lenders. They help ensure the protocol funds stay safe even when the markets move quickly and borrowers default.

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Market Making

Learn about market making on the mango protocol and earn $MNGO in return for providing liquidity to the traders on Mango Markets.

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Want to help build?

We always welcome new contributors! We commit to distribute the largest portion of the DAO’s power and wealth to future contributors.

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Every market cross-collateralized.

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